The main line, "I SHOULD LOVE THE SKIN I'M IN" ... becomes gut wrenching on stage and at home for me. We are constantly bombarded with what we should change about ourselves, or improve, yet we forget how to truly talk to the person on the other side of the mirror.  Skin, to me, has been a huge help in learning how to love myself more.

Each time I perform it, I become a little bit stronger, and a tad bit taller too.  I really should love the skin I'm in; this body I've been given, different from the next, unique in its own right, blood and bones, I am me. I am worth it.  

If this song speaks to you, I would love to hear your opinions, stories, or confessions.  I am human, I struggle, and here I am with my hands open, still trying to love myself more and more each day when the world around us is commanding for us to change.  The less we judge ourselves, the more room we create to love others around us.  I am anticipating the release day for this impactful music video as well as our journey to finding our beauty together. 

Let us know how SKIN has effected you positively